Leanne Gilliam

Fine Artist

Leanne Gilliam

Stitching Circle.

This is a project for ‘Art Vend’ and create 50 commissioned pieces. I am working with traditional sewing materials such as dress making patterns, cotton thread, needles and other sewing paraphernalia including paint and pens to create these intimate and tactile images. My approach to the collection is based on the now somewhat outdated art of creating your own clothing and the cost of doing so being outweighed by the cost of commercial disposable fashion. The title is inspired by the sewing circles which used to be a group of women who meet for the purpose of sewing, often for charitable causes along with the social aspect of course. While the circles were something that manifested unconsciously but are now a common theme between the pieces.

If you are interested in my work or the other artists work in Art Vend please visit http://artvend.co.uk/ to find your nearest vending machine.

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