Leanne Gilliam

Fine Artist

Leanne Gilliam

Skobe Skripts.

‘You can’t make either life or art; you have to work in the hole in between, which is undefined.’

  • Robert Rauschenberg.
    My collection of work is a combination of Assemblage and Printmaking entitled the ‘Skobe Scripts’ I have taken as my subject Gundega Skobe, a person born in Canada raised in Latvia and living in Wales. Skobe is caught up in geographical displacement and historical misrepresentation.
    Regardless of her dual nationality and her bilingual lifestyle, Latvia remains the land that is her home and the substance of her cultural understanding. Latvia, once occupied by the Soviet Union, had spent many years being saturated with propaganda, soviet symbolism and images of the strong idealisation of totalitarian rulers.
    Russian Constructivism was born at a time that promised a new creative freedom but its language informed propaganda images that created sense of fear and oppression for those under totalitarian control. This was my inspiration for a bold use of colours. The traditional dark red of the Latvian Flag clashes with the bright red of Soviet Russia and the language of modern Russian Art.
    My work has been strongly influenced by the world around me. This includes physical objects not just imagery. During the early 1920’s art was developing a ‘deconstructive attitude’, which is why the textural quality of my work is so appropriate for he time period I am working with.
    Skobe is friend, colleague and fellow student and someone who has had a huge impact on my own life. Her nationalism and first language is something that she protects and only shares with a select few. It was this situation and the curiosity it inspired in me that led to me making this body of work.

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